Wednesday, April 29, 2009

POEM: turn the page

I can't stand this
I don't want to be the brave
cancer woman
fighting for her life
a one-breasted warrior
battling on
for the sake of her children

I want my old life back
the simple little one
that I should have loved more

Did I dream too big?

Did my reaching for immortality
with words, by pen
invite Irony, that nasty
little mutant creature
to infiltrate, invade
and add this new storyline to my life?

I want to turn the page now please.


Chuck Dilmore said...

i think it's the reaching
that keeps us alive.

when the dreams are over...
that's when we worry!

cancer is not your punishment.
you've done everything right!
besides - YOU call the shots, not some little rogue cell!

like a dream
only you can interpret this.
i hope your dream is lucid ad you kick its ass.

you still have richness ahead of you.
see the end. healed. strong. fulfilled.
the days will carry you there.


SarahA said...

You would not be the person you are now, you would not be able to write beautiful words, without going through such.Hey! You are one of the lucky ones, you know.To understand and appreciate such depth of feeling.

Maddy Avena said...

You are truly goddess having a case of
the Human condition.
Fuck Louise Hay-isms.
We who love you will hep you turn
the page.
You did not do this
to yourself.
I light the "shoulds" on fire to burn
away your fears.

Kayleigh said...

Thank you three so much for your reassurances, your support. What beautiful sentiments you have shared, so much appreciated, so very deeply felt.

(And Maddy, I am honored that you stopped by and your words are a balm to my spirit)