Thursday, February 26, 2009

SPIRITUALITY: Deep thoughts...

According to the "Gaia Hypothesis" earth itself is an organism. If true, if earth, Gaia, can be thought of as a single organism, could not we humans essentially be her consciousness? Not by some grand design, but merely by evolution. Evolution needs no direct architect, it is an automatic process. Creatures don't choose to evolve.

If life, when viewed as a system, can create and maintain conditions suitable to sustain itself, isn’t that the same as saying ‘that which creates, creates itself’ (a paraphrasing of the quote attributed to the great poet John Keats)? Life and Art when viewed as processes are nearly one and the same.

And lastly, perhaps divinity is an experience, not an entity. Perhaps the process is sacred. God is details.

MISC: Time worn wishes

As the years go by it gets harder to write you a love letter for birthdays & holidays, not in any way because time has worn down our love or diminished it in some manner, but very much the opposite -- because the passage of time has deepened our relationship to a level I didn’t even know was possible. How does one (even me!) begin to put that into words?

“I love you” seems so small by comparison. But I do, love you, with all my heart and then some. Throughout the daily grind, throughout the crisis great & small, throughout the precious moments, throughout the passion and the fury both, I love you throughout it all.

Change will happen, and who knows what the future will bring. I hope with all my being that Time will be kind to us and most especially to our children. But even when Time is cruel, even when changes come that bring us to our knees I know one thing that won’t change: I love you. It’s forever.

I cannot imagine this journey without someone such as you. You are everything I’m not, and even when that frustrates me to no end, (so often, I know) it also inspires unfathomable admiration. I’ve never known anyone like you and I’m so glad I had the good sense to choose you those many years ago. You are steadfast, deeper than the still waters you evoke, and gentle hearted beyond my belief sometimes. I know that…deep down I always know that in every fiber of my being. Even when I seemingly forget – it’s there, Honey, I promise.

So, Happy Birthday…know that you are loved beyond words, beyond time.

My heart is yours.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

POEM: Thrombophilia

My father’s blood
slow, thick and sticky
runs awkwardly through my veins
the arterial flow connects us
despite his familiar absence

Genetic markers cannot be drained
no leech could suck me dry
remove the wretched poison
no hemorrhage will empty me
of him

Our blood is stubborn, clots too easily
a shared mutation
clogging the rightful flow
blocking the way, immovable

This anomaly has left me
with a permanent red stain
on the rest of my life