Tuesday, April 28, 2009

POEM: reconstruction

I wish I remembered
the last time I took a shower without knowing
I didn’t think to take notice
or treasure the simplicity

Now, each time
I look at my body, my breasts
I think that soon they, at least one, will change
each time I look at myself
my face
my hair
my eyes
I know they are not the same
already changed
something has been removed
before the scalpel has even touched me

What will it look like after?
What reconstruction is there for innocence?


Mervat said...

Anyone may ask the latter questions, but to imagine the innocence and peace before any of *this* news came about? That requires the mind of a truly insightful person, and that is you my friend.

Chuck Dilmore said...

profound post, Kayleigh.
but then, again - all of yours have been, from Day 1.

just remember:
the things that captured
the hearts and minds of your Followers
are still present - still captivating, still worthy.

that won't change.
we will still have great reasons to come here!

hate that you have to endure
an ounce of pain, hardship!
it's just unfair.

your beauty comes from inside
and spills over, apparent to
everyone out here.