Wednesday, April 8, 2009

POEM: Distasteful

It is a distasteful word,


it thuds in your mouth

like a stone

cumbersome, heavy

it stays stuck

and is hard to move beyond


Chuck Dilmore said...


if you can
picture already being healed and
feeeel the smile on your face!
feeeel the smile of your children, your husband!

you are strong
and you have already conquered more than this...
you are already healing, healing, blessed


Kayleigh said...

When you said I had already conqured more than this you made me think two things: first, that you are SO right, I have, and remembering that gives me comfort. The second thing it made me think was, how did he know that...and then I realized how silly that sounds, I bare my soul all over the place lately, lol.

Thanks for seeing what I forgot to remember.

Chuck Dilmore said...

some things
we know without really knowing, huh.

i mean...
a single of you
- the one above in particular -
speaks volumes!

only that woman could write
the things that all come here for!

when we read, it's not always clear
which is fiction & which is reality.
and maybe that's the beauty of your writing...
it feels real to us. we're in the scene.

hope this finds you
breathing deep and smiling...
you are already healing.
the lumps - they are yesterday. already fading.

you have things to do, still.
you will accomplish these, and beyond!
and we will be there to celebrate with you.

hava lovely~

Kayleigh said...

Thank you, Chuck, for all your kindness...and especially for the part about it feeling real...that is a very high compliment, as you, a fellow writer, knows :)