Tuesday, April 21, 2009

POEM: evening unleashed

evening is letting go
there's little left to do
what's still undone will have to wait
the precious bit of time remaining
belongs not to the putting away of things
but to getting comfortable
settling down
unwinding thoughts
unraveling the tightly wound tether
that ties me to the day
loose now I drift
the words come if I am patient
ideas flourish in front of me
on the page
they weave their way gently
until they are complete
and the last knot releases
I am done
until tomorrow


Chuck Dilmore said...

i love
the "patient"
and the "flourish"
and "complete unexpectedly."

so much beauty & hope, here!

i like where you are!

Kayleigh said...

Thank you, Chuck, and thank you for your always thoughtful comments, they are deeply appreciated :)