Saturday, April 4, 2009

POEM: tinnitus

silence i miss you
your beauty unnoticed
until you went away
i will never win you back
it's over for good now
i should have appreciated you
but i didn't know
you would have a reason to leave me
breaking my heart
shattering it loudly
so loudly
endless echoing sorrow
till i hear no more


Chuck Dilmore said...


how is it
that i am so fortunate today
to discover multiple treasures...

only to learn they are
from but one crafter

i've read just the first poem.
it feels like i just sampled the best chocolate,
knowing there are more to explore, below.

wow. you are doing so much, Kayleigh!
have you always been like this - so prolific!
or are you breaking out, now?

no need to answer... i am running off to your next posting. pffft, "posting!" you take that old word to a brand-new level!

beautiful April 4th entry!


Kayleigh said...

Thank you Chuck, it's so nice to hear praise for ones writing.

In terms of being prolific, I would have to answer yes and no (gee, how's that for noncommital) be honest, I am prolific when given the chance to be, both if I let myself and if I get the time (busy family life w/husband and two little ones).

There have also been times in my life when I've not given myself the opportunity to write because I think I didn't want to go there, didn't want to think that deeply.

But the older I get, the more at ease I am with letting it all flow -- I feel more myself when I do.

Thanks again!

SarahA said...

Ha! How ghostly! I actually posted a 'scribble' at my place about 'tinnitus'
I am liking you words, you.