Sunday, April 26, 2009

POEM: blood & milk

blood and milk,
each vital, nourishing
my breasts flow with both now
one feeds my last baby,
drawn out in tenderness
the other, wounded, healing
forcibly drained
pumped as a sign of faith
both elixirs
evidence of hope


SarahA said...

Oh and yes; hope, faith are strengths in themselves. I am a great believer in positive thought.I like the contrasts and the 'sameness' bringing such together.Very good, you.

Kayleigh said...

Thank you so much SarahA, I couldn't agree more, and I think each enhances the other, faith gives us strength and strength gives us faith. I also think faith comes in so many different forms, each person's is so unique.

Thanks again!

Mervat said...

Both milk and blood are life giving and are for life maintenance. You tie the two so beautifully, lovingly together.