Saturday, April 18, 2009

POEM: my degree

I once felt unqualified
I had no authority
that I could display
no proof of my legitimate place
but sometimes, sometimes
I found myself knowing
what I know
an unadulterated truth
yet I hesitated to speak
now I offer it up
bravely, determinedly
despite my lack
of proper tag or label
who will listen
becomes less a question
I care to ask
knowing only that to exist
to be earnest
to be passionate and open
are my diplomas
better than any hanging on a wall
or shoved in a dusty box
that I think outside of anyway
because I still can


Chuck Dilmore said...

love this!

achievements and experiences
come in all colours, and
you've developed a full palette!

paint on, Kayleigh!

Kayleigh said...

Chuck, I have to say, your comments are like poetry in and of themselves! Thank you :)