Monday, November 30, 2009

POEM: what to keep, what to discard

Sorting thru boxes in the basement
I find random, scattered remnants
things I thought were important
crammed into unmarked containers

the notebook I used to keep track
of the times I nursed my first baby
sleep deprived scribblings
evidence of a mother’s nervous dedication


the childhood rock collection
in a scratched plastic box
purchased with my own money
from a vacation gift shop


the cards I bought but never sent
misplaced when they were needed
people absent from my life now
no longer worth saving


these bits and pieces are like lines on a map
the road leads to a place of order
but I am lost amongst the stories
and don’t want to find my way just yet

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

POEM: Lifeline

unwisely I yearn to grasp
to grab, to hold on
to what is only possible
instead of the probable
or the likely
I want stronger lines
tethering my spirit

because to see Hope’s dark side
is to glimpse that offering
held just out of reach
but dangled enticingly
a frayed promise
made to be broken