Friday, June 19, 2009

POEM: unaffected

I am weary and tired
of this unending quest
no answers are clear
no solution seems to fit
the losses are adding up
I know I should be glad
my very life is the prize
the precious gold ring
that is dangled enticingly
almost assured of winning it
yet I want so much more
I want to be unscarred
unscathed in mind and body
and that is not possible

I want to suckle my son
dreamily in the morning
as we both wake to the dawn
a new day ahead of us
shining and fresh, unspoiled

my daughter sits beside me
curled under my arm
her head against my breast
the one that they will take away
my son lays beside me
drinking from the other breast
the one they say is “unaffected”
but it is affected, we are all affected
unable to share my milk
poisoned, polluted
damaged beyond repair
how can that not be an affect?

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