Saturday, June 27, 2009

POEM: I am lost

To conserve and irradiate
or to obliterate and rebuild
these are not fit choices
for any mortal woman

As a mother I choose simply
as a woman it is more complicated
and fear of regret
sits heavy in my heart
a driving force that has me
spinning my wheels in place

While I try and weigh the options
numbers and statistics are no measure
of the potential for human life
yet like signs in a language I can’t read
they point in the direction I need to go
a most reluctant tourist
with an unreadable map, I am lost

1 comment:

Chuck Dilmore said...

you will realize one day
that you have found your way
and have steered here by choice...

every day
you make beautiful

go forward...
and believe in yourself.

peace, love