Saturday, May 16, 2009

POEM: The Flow

Today I want to write
some days that is all I really want to do
admittedly, almost shamefully
not to mother
nor to be a wife
not even a friend
but just to sit with pen and paper
or keyboard and screen
and write
pour words out like drops of blood
empty my veins
release the flow
cleansed by getting out the thoughts
before they disappear and become lost
unfamiliar, mutated
like a tangled clot

Yet the very distractions
that keep me from the page
are what give my voice
something to say

Strange beast, this writing thing
without the pull away from it
I would never be able to come back
the longing would be filled
with other things, perhaps
the pull would be away
from other places
that flow would be redirected
and I would bleed no more
but I think
the wound would somehow still be missed
like a phantom limb
haunting my memory
but without remembering


Chuck Dilmore said...


you certainly have
more than your share
to attend to!

you deserve to take a break,
to scribble, babble...
even if nothing profound comes forth.

it's all worth it.
(and we love reading you!)


SarahA said...

Oh yes I know this feeling so well and you have put down into words exactly how I feel at times. Lovely write, you.