Monday, May 11, 2009

POEM: cracked shell

Don’t disturb my shell, please
the thin, delicate wall
I’ve built around my fear
encloses it and keeps it from escaping

If you break through
it will shatter and I will smash
into tiny chards, like glass
not to be touched
lest they cut the flesh
of the very one who offers comfort

I'll have to sweep them up
like grains of jagged sand
sharply slipping through fingers
and mingling with my blood and tears.

Don't disturb my shell, please
it's all that is holding me together now


Mervat said...

When I read your posts, despite the concern, your tears and your pain you come across as a strong person. This poem however shows your fragility and this is a really difficult thing for some of us to expose (certainly me). You are truely brave.

I hope you can come out of your glass shell, spread your beautiful wings and forever be untouched by what you have gone through these last few of weeks.


Chuck Dilmore said...

from the very first time
i saw your profile pic,
i saw Strength.

(oh, wow... i wrote that, and then read Mervat!)

i believe you will tap that strength
and see your own resilience
and heal.

you sure are thought of~

SarahA said...

I am loving your words. I am a 'crab' see. I too have a shell that I retreat into.
Your words written, beautifully; you.