Tuesday, January 26, 2010

POEM: innocence lost

once your body has betrayed you
it is impossible to forget
you can forgive
like a lover that strayed
now seeking absolution
my body has been punished enough
for its sin
but I will always remember
the feel of it
something out of place
not right
and will instinctively go
to that place
whenever a vague symptom
a trust once broken so deeply
cannot be regained
and I weep for my innocence lost
and the freedom it took with it


Snowbrush said...

I just have compassion for mine.There was no betrayal. It just broke. It was doing it's best. I made it do things that I didn't know would hurt it, and it broke. To feel betrayed would be like seeing a dog that had been poisoned, or attacked by another dog, or hit by a car, and saying to that dog, "You're just no good because otherwise you wouldn't be lying there in pain and terror."

Besides, we all break sooner or later, nearly all in far less than a mere 100 years.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

this was beautiful. and beautifully expressed.