Saturday, July 25, 2009

POEM: Meggie's Eyes

after you were born
from the moment you opened your eyes
for the first time
dark baby blue, endless
I got lost in their depth
falling deeper in love than I ever imagined
I wondered what they would look like
as you grew

Slowly they turned brighter blue
sharp, searching, focusing
finding my face easily
our eyes locked into long soulful looks
as I nursed you for hours
your stare was intense
even strangers often remarked
about the powerful beauty
of your strong gaze

As the first years began to pass
I wondered if your eyes might turn green
like mine
for many years of my childhood
my mother said I had blue eyes
but when I looked at my face
really looked at my own face
they were not blue
but green
even photographs showed the change
she hadn’t noticed

No one in my family has my eyes
they are unique
my favorite thing
about myself
I’ve never seen the color on anyone else
until the day you looked up at me
barely four
and there they were staring back at me
pale green
like the sea on a gentle shore
and I knew
I saw them
I saw you
finally my eyes were no longer
and on you they are more beautiful
than I could have ever dreamed

1 comment:

Chuck Dilmore said...

children are proof
that miracles happen every day...
yet each is unique, profound, so touching.

thinking of you this week!
all BEST VIBES coming to you and your beautiful family, Kayleigh!

peace~ Chuck